These smart trainers promise to save your legs by changing how you run

Meet the footwear that could save you from limping back after your lunchtime run
These smart trainers will save your legs by changing the way you run

We know how it is. Every blue moon the stars and planets align just right, and you decide to try out that 'running thing' in a bid to slow down the ravages of time.

Four days later, you've crippled your knee, thrown your running gear far back into the depths of your wardrobe and cursed the day you left the house in those short shorts.

Thankfully, German research organisation Fraunhofer aims to save our failing limbs by attempting to combat common running injuries by developing some rather clever footwear.

Its smart trainers analyse how you run, before letting you know what you can do to correct any bad habits which put stress on on your vulnerable joints and muscles.

Packed with a variety of sensors along with accelerometers and GPS smarts, the trainers log your running data, letting you review how well you run on an accompanying smartphone app.

Depending on how you run, you might be advised to run slower or roll off your foot differently with each step, and it'll even advise you when to stop if it thinks you're pushing yourself too hard.

Used in conjunction with fitness watches and heart rate monitors, your smartphone could soon know more about your body than you do, and the researchers plan to make it commercially available in early 2015.

They're currently tinkering away, making the electronics smaller while aiming for something light, waterproof and durable, and we think we'll give up running until they've cracked it. It's the sensible thing to do.

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