These glasses can measure how knackered you are

Meet the clever specs that can track your eyeballs to prevent you from nodding off behind the wheel
These glasses can tell you how knackered you are

The tech world is slowly drowning in gadgets that track everything from how much you've eaten and how far you've walked, to how fast you've cycled and how well you've slept. And now there's another life-logging gadget to add to the list - eye-tracking smartglasses.

Tokyo eyewear maker Jins' Meme glasses don't have a camera or a fancy screen like Google Glass. They won't tell you where the nearest KFC is, or record a video clip of two squirrels frolicking in a fountain.

Instead, they're able to measure how tired you are. You know, just in case you can't quite manage to figure it out yourself.

While we generally have a pretty good grip on our alertness, we do occasionally find ourselves waking up with a book covering our faces, or the end credits of a film rolling away, having missed most of the action.

Nodding off behind the wheel is one example where being more tired than you think you are is actually dangerous, so knowing when you need to take a break and get some caffeine in your blood could genuinely be useful.

They can also let you know when you're straining your eyes too much while staring at a screen, and can even let you navigate through your smartphone's screen using nothing but your eyes.

An SDK will also be available for developers to make compatible apps for the specs, and three models which support prescription lenses will be available. 

Although the company hasn’t divulged specific pricing details yet, reports claim that we're looking at an early 2015 release date in Japan.

There's no word on international availability, but we'll keep you posted of any UK release dates, if and when they ever crop up.

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[via PC World]