These gadgets make being back at school (almost) fun

The academic year starts today (boo) and there’s no better time to pester parents for some new kit (yay). Here’s some of the best back to school gadgetry



Yeah, you can sheep it up with the rest of the class and shoot for an iPad, but your typo-strewn notes won’t be able to compete with a handwritten version sketched on to the screen of the Note 10.1 using the included S Pen. You’ll be top of the class before you’ve even turned up for art lessons with Adobe’s Photoshop Touch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

From £2.49, iPad/Mac/XP/Windows 7/Chrome

Maths is the Marmite of the school cirruculum. You either hate it or… oh, wait. MathBoard is the computational toast and butter that threatens to make learning basic number skills fun, or at least easier.


You probably don’t need a 16in laptop bag, but there’s plenty of space in Golla’s G1027 for lunch, books and any other things you might want to keep fenced off from prying eyes. And prying they should be, given this lappie bag’s good looks.



Having a pen and stylus combo is so 2011. But having one made by the British quillsmiths who made fountain pens for your grandad is pretty cool. We’re calling it retrofuturism. You might want to pick something a bit less likely to get you beaten up.


Time was, reading and writing ruled the school. But if you want a sniff at a job in the post-apocalyptic future, you’ll have to know how to code. Get cracking on the Raspberry Pi and you’ll be hacking into the government mainframe for your A-Level project. Probably.

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