Is there a 4-5in Amazon Kindle phone on the horizon?

Amazon's mystery phone could be undergoing testing right now, according to the latest whisperings to fly out of the internet rumour mill

The oft-rumoured Amazon Kindle Phone is being tested by the online shopping giant right now, according to the latest whisperings.

The Wall Street Journal's unnamed sources have stated that the mystery Kindle Phone will have a 4-5in screen and could apparently go into production at the end of this year.

Just last week Bloomberg reported that the Kindle phone would be manufactured by Foxconn, so it looks like the Amazon rumour mill is gearing up as the Kindle Phone goes into production ahead of its official unveiling – whenever that may be.

Rumours of a Kindle Fire 2 tablet with an August release date have also escaped the Amazon camp – setting it up for a head-to-head battle with the Google Nexus 7. Could Amazon hit us with a double whammy of Kindle Phone and Kindle Fire 2 in August? Stay tuned for the latest news.

[via Gizmodo]

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