That's priceless, well almost

[intro] Despite logic dictating that a new, reliable, superfast car – a Bugatti Veyron, shall we say – should cost the earth, it’s a rather older Buga

Worth at least $8m, this is one of only 6 Bugatti Royales around, and it’s the only unrestored one. Why so expensive? Well, apart from rarity, there’s 12.7 litres in a straight 8, 3.5 tons, a Breguet clock mounted in the steering wheel...

Having formerly belonged to Ettore Bugatti, it now belongs to Lukas Huni, who’ll be taking it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 22-24 June. At least four of the other surviving Royales will be there, too, although it’s doubtful they’ll be taking on the hillclimb.

For those who’ve never been to the Festival of Speed before, it’s a chance to not only see classic road and race cars sitting static, but to watch them pelt along the track – the way it should be. It’s about the delightful grounds of Goodwood House, the smell of old engines, and the sight and sound of a Ferrari 250 GTO tearing up the tarmac.

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