Test Firefox 5 now

Got Firefox 4 and think Mozilla could still do better? Download Firefox Aurora to test the latest developments now

Mozilla is giving users a chance to test Firefox 5 before it even gets to Beta stage. So, if you’re prepared to face more crashes than Destruction Derby, you can try out the Firefox Aurora stage now.

The build receives update syncs from Mozilla-central every 6 weeks, less than the changes on the earlier Nightly stage whose updates were aptly, nightly, and equally succinctly called Minefield – buggy is an understatment. The Aurora experience gives you a sneak preview into Firefox 5 developments and is aimed mainly at developers wishing to test Add-ons.

It’s great to see transparency in development from a company that doesn’t fear showing its mistake as well as triumphs. Let us know what you think of the build and if it compares to Firefox 4 via our Twitter @StuffTV. Download Aurora from these options:

Mozilla Aurora for Mac

Mozilla Aurora for Windows

Mozilla Aurora for Linux


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