Tech Tickler – shows us your maps

Another week, another tech tickler. Today, we’re talking the satnav. And fear not – if GPS doesn’t float your boat, all you need to

Satnavs are cropping up in all sorts of places these days, with Archos announcing yesterday that they’re bringing mapping to their 605 PMP.

But is this enough GPS mayhem for you? Would you rather have a fully–specced TomTom? Or is having all that satnav goodness on your N95 enough to get you from a to b.

This week’s howies tee features none other than our hallowed leader, Gordon Brown. It’s called Sub Prime and will make you look bang on the current affairs button. Get you.

Enter this week’s competition, tell us which device you’d prefer your maps on and we’ll let you know if you’ve won. No troubles.

And once you’re done, why not take a look at today’s hot news, including the full skinny on the all–new LG Secret.