Tech for the house of tomorrow

You don't need a time machine to have a home of the future – these gadgets would be right at home in the Jetsons' pad

You may not be able to buy a flying car or a robot butler (yet), but you can still live like the Jetsons with these home gadgets of the future. Improved efficiency, money saving and dry hands await you.

Dyson Airblade Tap

James Dyson: a man who looks at a tried and trusted technology like the tap and thinks, "Could do better." And lucky for us that he does, otherwise we wouldn't have this wonder of the age of science – a tap that can also dry your hands. Yes, you could buy hundreds of hand towels for the £1000 asking price of one Dyson Airblade Tap – but telling your friends it pumps air at 430mph is priceless, surely?

LG Whisen Air Conditioner

How much tech can you add to a glorified fan, you may ask. The answer? More than you could possibly need in a British summer. LG's Whisen Air Conditioner packs NFC tech, allowing you to control it by tapping your smartphone against it. Or, if you're feeling particularly lazy, it'll respond to voice commands. Oh, and it knows where you are thanks to its onboard camera, and can direct airflow right to where you're standing.

British Gas Remote Heating Control

Faffing about with a thermostat is so 20th century. Nowadays, there's an app for everything, even your central heating. The British Gas Remote Heating Control lets you adjust your heating on the move from the accompanying app – or even switch it off, if you want to save energy. Or if you want to mess with whoever's at home. It impressed us so much, we named it Home Gadget of the Year in the Stuff 2012 Gadget Awards.

Yale Keyfree

Keys are a nuisance, always clattering and clanking away, weighing down your pockets. With this Yale Keyfree system, you can unlock your front door with a remote control, or – if you've managed to misplace it – with a PIN. Plus it works with certain existing doors, saving you a few quid on the installation costs.

LG Smart Washer

Yet another gadget that puts NFC tech to good use, the LG Smart Washer washing machine can be controlled remotely, which means you can put your whites on as you make your way home. All you have to do is pair up your phone and a Wi-Fi-based connection will do the rest. Now we just need a robot manservant to iron our shirts.

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