Tascam iU2 audio interface rocks out

Looking for an outlet for your vast musical talent? Turn things up to 11 with Tascam's little black box

Tascam has announced a refreshingly non-discriminate audio/MIDI interface that welcomes Macs, PCs and iOS devices to join the band. The stunning Tascam iU2 is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch thanks to its Apple-friendly 30-pin connector, and it also rocks an on-board mic preamp and analogue-digital converter which, Tascam claims, results in low-noise recording with less distortion.

You can also plug a guitar (or bass) into your trusty iDevice via the Tascam iU2 for some tasty shredding (or slapping and popping) action in conjunction with Tascam's free two-track PCMRecorder app, available from the App Store.

The Tascam iU2 audio interface also jams with Macs and Windows PCs and costs £150, though you can pick one up online for £130.

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