Tap wrist to unlock: This temporary NFC tattoo unlocks your phone, so you don't have to

Too lazy to tap out a pin code? Scared of needles? This could be the ideal solution
Temporarily ink yourselves, and have it connect to your Motorola smartphone

Tattoos and smartphones tend no to go hand in hand, although we'd bet there are a few particularly dedicated gadgeteers who have their smartphone timeline inked on their back.

Still, they're (hopefully) few and far between, and the worlds of ink-saturated needles and quad-core processeors have remained noticably seperate. Until now.

A company called VivaInk has taken it upon itself to create temporary stick-on NFC tattoos, which are capable of unlocking the Motorola Moto X.

The idea behind the Digital Tatoo, as it's called, is to save users the hassle of manually entering a pin code or pattern lock, enusirng that precious seconds are no longer wasted without compromising on security. But what about style?

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Temporarily ink yourselves, and have it connect to your Motorola smartphone

The Digital Tattoo itself is not currently customisable and the only available design is a vortex pattern, which in some of the press shots, we have to admit, looks more like a cigarette lighter burn.

Each sticker should last for five days under regular conditions and uses medical-grade adhesive to survive showers and workouts while preventing irritation. Setup is a simple case of turning on NFC, and tapping it against the tattoo.

US$10 will nab you a packet of ten stickers, though you might want to hold out for a newer design and wider compatibility before pulling the trigger.

Or you could just take things a step further and embed an NFC tag beneath your skin, tattooing a design of your choice over the top. It's your call.

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[Source and image: Android Community