Tangent fires up the Quattro

Tangent's top-notch Quattro may only share a name with Gene Hunt circa 1981's favourite mode of tyre spinning transport, but in the world of Internet

Available in glossy flame red, natch, as well as black, gloss white and walnut, it's now been given the mark two treatment with even more features for no more money down.

It now gets old-school FM and Ethernet added to its Wi-Fi capabilities. Like the previous version it'll also stream music from your PC or Mac to play out via the 5W amp and 3in driver.

Sadly, it won't do handbrake turns through railway arches or plough through strategically placed boxes. Pesky health and safety chiefs.


Tangent Quattro Mk2 black/walnut, gloss red/white

Price: £180, £200

On sale: March

Contact: Tangent