TalkTalk boss slams file sharing crackdown

A TalkTalk boss has said the company is "dismayed" by new measures announced this week for tackling file sharers.Just a few months ago, Digi

Just a few months ago, Digital Britain published reasonable measures for educating and deterring illegal file sharers, including brief internet blocks, warning letters and court-based action for repeat offenders.

Now Lord Mandelson has announced tougher penalties, including complete disconnection, which TalkTalk's Executive Director of Strategy and Regulation Andrew Heaney says is likely to "breach fundamental human rights".

Sharing the same views as Stuff's very own Tom Dunmore, Heaney said on the company blog that aside from breaching rights such as privacy and data protection, the decision to disconnect an internet service outside the courts will see alleged offenders denied basic legal rights such as the right to appeal.

He added that TalkTalk would be strongly resisting any attempts to introduce laws that made ISPs "internet police" to take action against their customers, instead preferring there be an obligation on ISPs to disclose any data on repeat infringers to right holders to take proper judicial action themselves.

What do you think to Lord Mandelson's recent announcement, and how do  you think illegal file sharing should be tackled? Let us know below.