Take your music on the move with Etón's Rukus Solar

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker "never runs out of power," claim its makers

No, it's not an oversized pair of binoculars – and twitchers won't thank you if you plonk this down next to their hide. This is the Etón Rukus Solar, a Bluetooth speaker that its makers claim will never run out of power.

The secret to its longevity lies in that solar panel on the side – and its ingenious inclusion of an e-ink display to show track info instead of an LCD.

We imagine that the slow refresh rate of e-ink screens will put paid to any attempts at beatmatching while using the Rukus Solar – and indeed Etón claims that it only shows Bluetooth connectivity, solar charge and battery strength, so no track info. Still, it should serve for pumping out some tunes at picnics.

In the event that you do run out of juice, the Rukus Solar can be recharged with an AC adapter and can charge your devices with its integrated USB port.  

Now, if only the weather would improve enough for us to try them out. 

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