Take your DS back to the 80s

The trouble with the Gamboy Advance was its choice collection of re-hashed NES/SNES titles. A nice(ish) selection, but, let’s face it, Nintendo

Now you can bring the past right to your thumbs with the latest add-on for Nintendo DS: a NES cartridge adaptor, aka the Cyber Familator Lite, from Cyber Gadget.

The giant, DS classic-sized red and white lump of plastic, slots under the DS lite ready for any given NES cartridge. Though, it’s worth pointing out, it’s really a Famicom cartridge adaptor. The NES and Famicom were essentially the same console, but for different regions.

But since the DS isn’t region protected, and dozens of ace games released in Japan and America didn’t make it over here, it should be a real blast from the past.

The Cyber Familator Lite will know the difference between Famicom and NES, however. But that’s no problem at all. Available soon on your favourite Japanese import site, the Cyber Familator Lite will work well with any re-bought Famicom titles you’ve found on eBay, car boot sales or had sent over from your New York pen-friend.

Next up, we want a SNES equivalent. Then a Megadrive one, and then an Amiga one. Three cheers for the past!


Cyber Familator Lite

Price: £tba

On sale: Early 2008

Contact: Cyber Gadget

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