Take a run in the sun and improve your performance with this kit

The first glimpse of spring is flickering into sight – this gear will make running to meet it that much easier

Adidas Boost


These neutral trainers use hundreds of capsules in the sole to offer maximum energy return. Not only are the Adidas Boost shoes bouncier than traditional EVA rubber trainers, they stay that way in extreme cold too. Great for taking the edge of a tough run, or giving you a speed boost on race day.

Wahoo Fitness HR Strap for iPhone


Running a certain distance or time is all good and well, but the best measure of progress is your heart rate. Instead of splashing out on a pricey watch, you can pick up this Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Strap – it connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0. From there you can use the Wahoo training app, or your own favoured app, as this comfy chest strap works with most. Not bad for £70.

Denon Exercise Freak


Running without music these days is like exercising on an empty stomach. But if music be the food of life, wires are its stomach cramps. The Denon Exercise Freak headphones fit comfortably on your ears for a good seven hours of charge while Bluetooth connects it to your music player. The fact that they sound excellent, are sweat proof, and have easy access controls are just tasty side orders.

Ashmei 2 in 1 Short


Heat regulating, merino wool, semi-compression shorts. Pretty compact description right? That’s because that’s how they work, cramming loads of tech into one piece of high performance kit. While the materials keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, compression assists in performance and recovery by tightening your muscles supportively. And the pocket is made to fit your phone. Who knew a pair of shorts could be so complicated? That explains the £80 pricetag, then.

Zone Dome


Just in case this sun doesn’t last – as UK readers will understand – there’s the Zone Dome. Can you put a price on a round screen that transports you to some of the most scenic runs the world has to offer, all while on your treadmill? Yes. It’s £4000.

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