Take Five Mac app keeps your iTunes party going

Is it just us or did it just get really quiet in here?

The phone rings. Or you want to watch a YouTube video. You hit pause in iTunes. An hour later you're sat in front of your computer in pure silence, just beginning to realise the party-for-one has ended. Take Five on the Mac App Store wants to keep the music flowing after a tune-based hiatus with a neat timer and pop-up toolbar that's compatible with iTunes, Spotify and a horde of other music players.

Tweak the settings to your desired pause time (five minutes for a YT vid, say), hit the Take Five pause button and the music will automatically resume when you've finished your vid. Scaring the pants off you in the process. (Not really, it fades in rather pleasantly.) Take Five, we salute your first-world problem solving skiils.


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