T-Mobile Pulse – PAYG Android phone hands-on

We already broke the news this morning of the T-Mobile Pulse – the very first PAYG Android handset, and we got some hands-on time with this touchscree

As well as packing in smartphone brains and HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and all the usual gubbins, the T-Mobile Pulse also features a very respectable 3.5in HVGA screen, as well as a decent 3.2MP cam.

The trackpad from the G1 and G2 Touch remains, although the touchscreen Canvas interface isn't quite as enjoyable as the HTC Hero's Sense UI – it took a bit more prodding to make things happen, but a bit more time would probably give us the knack that's needed.

The customisable homescreens, however, are just as much fun – simply drag and drop and tools or widgets you fancy into one of an initial six homescreens – these are also more fluid than the HTC Hero/G2 Touch and you can simply scroll to more content rather than flick to an entire new page.

The T-Mobile Pulse will set you back £179.99 when it launched in October, but bear in mind that access to the web will be on a PAYG basis – £1 per day or the slightly more cost effectibe £5 per month.