T–Mobile offers up Instant Email access

Getting your email on the move has become a must for gadgeteers across the globe. But unless you're toting a smartphone with decent access to your acc

Well, T–Mobile has got a solution. Dubbed Instant Email, it's a new app which will let any punter on their network grab their mail without having to resort to their browser. Initially heading to Nokia phones, T–Mobile says it'll land on a string of other devices soon.

You'll get a free trial for the first month, then be charged £3.50 every four weeks for the privilege. Our thoughts? It's perfect for first time mobile email users, but gadget freaks will doubtless have a web bundle to take care of this gubbins. Still, good work bringing that always–on feeling to the masses, T–Mobile.


T–Mobile Instant Email

Price: £3.50 per month

On sale: Now

Contact: T–Mobile