T-Mobile launches The Full Monty, the UK’s first all-you-can-eat mobile tariff

Think your phone contract lets you use as much data as you like? The small print that’s missing from T-Mobile’s new plan says otherwise

In a UK first, T-Mobile is offering its customers a mobile tariff that’s truly unlimited – as many calls as you can make, as many texts as you can send and as much data as you can use.

Called The Full Monty, the plan is unique in scrapping so-called “fair usage” limits on “unlimited” data plans. It means that you can stream videos around the clock without ever – if T-Mobile is true to its word – having your connection throttled or cut.

The tariff’s available to all smartphone users – including Android, BlackBerry and iPhone – and is available from February 1st. Prices start at £36 per month (limited to 2000 minutes calling other networks). Totally unlimited plans range from £41 to £61 per month.

If we were the sort of people who used tons of data on the move and used the internet at home for email and basic web browsing, we’d be tempted to go all-in, tether up and ditch the broadband. We’re not, but it’s a thought for the future. Now, where’s that 4G network?

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