T Mobile G2 Android phone leaks out

No sooner have HTC's plans for an Android phone leaked out, are the Taiwanese mobile giants are slap bang in the middle of another piece of Google mob

The chaps at Engadget have got their hands on plans from inside T–Mobile which show off drawings of a phone dubbed 'Sapphire', known internally as the G2. HTC is building the device for T–Mobile, having come up with the goods with the G1 last year.

The new phone appears to rock a full touchscreen, without the QWERTY keyboard found on the G1, with rounder curves and a sharper design to take on the might of the iPhone and the spanking new Palm Pre.

There's no word on when the device will be hitting stores, but you can bet it'll be doing the rounds at this year's Mobile World Congress. For more on Android, check out our full in–depth review of the T–Mobile G1.