T–Mobile G1 coming 30 October

T–Mobile has officially confirmed that their Google Android–toting G1 will hot their stores on 30 October. That's just a fortnight away an

As for pricing, there'll be two plans to start with. There's a Combi 35 offer, giving you 800 minutes and unlimited texts and a Flext 40 tariff with 1,250 minutes or 2,500 texts, you can choose which way round.

Both deals will also get you unlimited web browsing, something you'll need to harness the might of Google's killer open source OS. Best of all though, you won't need to front up for the phone, once again taking it beyond the iPhone 3G.

Just to remind you, the G1 comes with the new Android OS, HSDPA, Wi–Fi, a 3MP snapper and a full touchscreen. Sadly though, there's no stereo Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack.

For more on the G1 check out our hands–on video and feature on the rivals to the Google phone.


T–Mobile G1

Price: £Free on contract

On sale: 30 October

Contact: T–Mobile