T-Mobile G1 Android phone uncovered

So here we have it. Hours ahead of the official launch, T-Mobile has managed to leak out the first ever Android phone. Dubbed the G1, just as we first

The discovery, by the guys at TmoNews, is set to send tech heads into a frenzy. The new phone rocks a QWERTY keyboard, measures just 0.63in across, packs GPS and 3G, a 3.1MP camera and a 480x320 HVGA screen.

Now for the bad news – apparently, there won’t be support for video capture, so this is looking like an iPhone–alike in more ways than one. There’s no stereo Bluetooth either, which makes this a real bummer. Being a leak, there’s a chance this could change come the official announcement later today.

Punters who want one will need a Gmail account to get involved, but that’s not too much of a hardship, is it? There’s no word on pricing, or when we’ll be getting one in the UK. Expect news on that and some video to boot when we go to T-Mobile HQ this afternoon.

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T Mobile G1

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: T Mobile