T-Mobile G1 Android phone is official

UPDATE: First official G1 picsFirst G1 hands-on video T-Mobile has now officially announced the release of the very first Google Android-toting mobile


First official G1 pics

First G1 hands-on video

T-Mobile has now officially announced the release of the very first Google Android-toting mobile, the G1. As we previously reported today, the open-source blower will come toting a full touchscreen as well as a QWERTY keyboard and trackball for those one-handed moments.

The HTC-manufactured handset will have iPhone-bothering full web browsing, as well as an App Store-like Android Market, where users will be able to download loads of 3rd-party Android treats, as well as the bundled suite of Google goodies (Maps and Streetview, Gmail and YouTube).

The phone features a built-in compass, meaning that for the first time ever users can navigate Google Maps 360 degrees by turning the phone around in their hand.

There’s built-in support for T-Mobile's 3G and EDGE network as well as Wi-Fi, and the G1 will automatically choose the best high-speed connection for browsing. There’s no push email as yet, but it will support Gmail and most other POP3 or IMAP mail services. It also looks like there's MMS too.

The G1 will come with an iPhone-beating 3MP camera (woop), although no significant onboard storage – a mere 2GB (boo). The iTunes-baiting music download service, allowing users to choose from 6million DRM-free MP3s won’t be available in the UK at launch, but expect it the minute Amazon’s music service hits our shores.

It also disappointingly matches the iPhone with no video or Flash support, but fans of monochrome will be pleased by the choice of white or black models.

Cost-wise, you’ll be able to pick up the G1 for free on a £40 per month T-Mobile contract, although you’ll have to wait until the beginning of November to get your mitts on one.

In the meantime, check out our blogs where we’ll be posting an exclusive set of first-look pics and hands-on video.

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T-Mobile G1

Price: £from free on tariff

On sale: November

Contact: T-Mobile