Synaptics plans super-sensitive Windows 8 trackpad compatibility

While Windows 8 will be great on tablets, it may suffer on laptops – Synaptics to the rescue

Windows 8 will be a beautiful OS to play with once it launches on tablets the world over, but what happens when you try to use a touchscreen tablet interface on a conventional computer? A mouse will do the job but just isn’t as effective as multitouch. So, standing between the PC and total multitouch domination, touchpad specialist Synaptics has come up with a solution.

The concept video below shows how Synaptics plans to let you treat a hyper-sensitive trackpad as if it were a screen, clicking, dragging and dropping at ease.

Great on paper but we foresee that guessing where to hit the trackpad won’t be as easy as it looks. Touchscreen laptops on the other hand, that could work. Oh wait, it already does – with the Asus Transformer.

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