Swivl launches hands-free video cradle for iPhone

Meet the perfect solution for budding presenters with no friends

Good help is hard to come by these days which is why the Swivl hands-free iPhone cradle might be the perfect solution for eager film makers without a second pair of hands.

Attaching the sensor clip to your body enables the automatic cradle to follow your crazy YouTube shenanigans and live video chat sessions, all without you having to lift a finger.

It will happily accept your iPod Touch, Android device, GoPro and Flip cams too. You can reserve yours here for US$160, although there's no word on a UK release date or pricing as of yet.

If you fancy some more film-making accessories then check out our guide to 5 of the best budget movie-making gadgets.

UPDATE: Swivl has let us know that the hands-free iPhone accessory is now shipping to 90 countries including the UK.

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