Swimming robot paves way for sea-based robot uprising

When the machines turn and rebel against their creators, you'd better be prepared against land, air (and now water) attacks. Godspeed soldier.

This swimming robot might not look like much at first glance, but it should have future Michael Phelps' and Rebecca Adlingtons looking over their shoulders.

Dubbed Swumanoid by its Japanese Tokyo Tech creators, this half-scale humanoid robot replica was created by scanning the full 3D motions of a human swimmer to enable researchers to measure the different forces required by various swimming strokes.

The Swumanoid is powered by 20 waterproof motors and is able to churn out the front crawl, butterfly and backstroke, with a new pair of legs on the way which will empower it with breast stroke abilities to boot.

Although currently three times slower than the 100m freestyle world record, we'll be keeping a close eye on Swumanoid's progress to ensure that our beaches and pools remain safe from any rogue mechanical paddlers.

[YouTube via Gizmodo]

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