SwiftKey 3 is officially ready to read your mind

The mind-reading predictive Android keyboard sheds it beta status to keep your fingers tapping away at top speed

SwiftKey has announced that its SwiftKey 3 predictive Android keyboard has dropped its beta status and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store from today.

We've been using the SwiftKey 3 beta since it came out two months ago, and we're looking forward to typing away at super-fast speeds on its official release.

We're not the only gadget fiends impressed with SwiftKey's scarily accurate mind reading skills – the SwiftKey team were recently visited by Stephen Fry, who has long been an admirer of the predictive Android keyboard.

Head on over to the Google Play Store now for your slice of the latest SwiftKey action, where you can pick it up for the half-price launch day price of £1.49.

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