SwiftKey 3 beta does away with the space bar

The latest version of the popular Android keyboard app features SmartSpace autocorrect tech to fill in the blanks across multiple words

SwiftKey has launched a new version of its virtual keyboard for Android mobiles, which purports to do away with the space bar altogether. 

SwiftKey 3 beta features a new intelligent autocorrect function called SmartSpace, which automatically recognises missed spaces - even across multiple words.

The app has also been given a spit and polish, with two new themes, Cobalt and Holo showcasing a new interface that features a larger space bar and an Apple style smart punctuation button - letting you slide across to access different punctuation marks. 

Other additions include support for seven new languages and language specific punctuation handling. 

It seems to work pretty well from what we can see - but you can judge for yourself, since your intrepid Stuff correspondent has typed this very article using the SwiftKey 3 beta app.

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