Super-fast BT broadband on its way to 1.5m more homes

Time was we were satisfied with a 56K connection and lengthy arguments about who was using the phone line. Now, unless it's 100 Meg piped directly to

Thank BT then, for the news that 1.5 million more homes will soon be able to enjoy exactly that. It's just announced that its original plans for a fibre network to a million homes has been extended to a healthier 2.5 million.

The higher speeds are achieved by running optical fibres right up to the door. BT previously thought it'd only be able to afford to plumb them in to new housing developments, but now it reckons it can do it on budget to existing homes by stringing them along overhead lines or existing pipes under the pavement - all in time for the 2012 Olympics.

That'll still leave the majority of us plodding along with today's speeds, but there is hope. A sizeable 9 million homes will get 40 Meg "fibre to the cabinet" broadband by 2012, with just the last leg of connection running on old wires.

And if you're lucky enough to be in a Virgin cable area you can already get up to 50 Meg by signing up with Virgin Media. Branson even reckons Virgin could be hitting 200 Meg before long. Show off.