Supaheroe makes cycling safer with flexible LEDs

Make yourself known to other road users with Supaheroe's psychedelic LEDs

Cycling is dangerous at the best of times – and all the more so when you're doing it at night, in the dark, jockeying for position with cars. That’s why clothing company Utope and stretchable circuit company Fraunhofer IZM have teamed up to create Supaheroe, a top that lights up.

So why not just attach some lights to my current gear? you ask. Supaheroe's innovative design uses 64 stretchy RBG-LEDs to create a flexible display across its front, shoulders and back. And the best part is it uses an acceleration sensor and 3D-gyroscope so the light pattern matches your movements. It even syncs with your phone to change the display when you get a call.

No mention of pricing has come our way yet but it’s expected in time for the darkening short days at the end of 2012.

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