Sun, sea and N-Gage

The sun affects people in strange ways. The fair-skinned run for the shadows. The hysterical start drinking and arguing. And gamers hunt down an N-Gage Gaming Deckchair for an extended session of SSX Out of Bounds

It's not until you get to the beach that you realise how little there is to do. Sure, there's the soporific crashing of waves, some surfing, maybe a massive sandcastle to build. But the truly lazy will have no option but to find a Nokia N-Gage deckchair.

The deckchair's beach benefits are threefold; a extendable arm for your N-Gage, a mini parasol to avoid becoming Captain Redface and a drinks cooler for a few cheeky beers.

Prototype chairs will be touring a number of festivals this summer, including the Carling Leeds and Reading Festival (Bramham Park, Leeds on August 26th and 27th, and Reading on August 28th) and the Birmingham UK Pinball show on November 12th and 13th.

The games available to play include Pathway to Glory, Asphalt Urban GT Racing and SSX Out of Bounds. There's no news yet on a mass market release, although if interest levels are good, Nokia say there'll be a full beach tour next summer. Let's hope they throw in a beach volleyball tournament for good measure.