Subwing lets you swim underwater faster than Aquaman

Being tugged across water is so last year, now it’s all about gliding under water

Getting pulled along by a boat is fun, sure, if not difficult to learn above water. sub-aqua, on the other hand, looks easy plus there's the aquatic scenery to enjoy thanks to the Subwing.

Using the Subwing you're pulled along at up to two knots behind a 15 meter rope. This means you can, not only outrun the pretty, fish but pull off spinning maneuvers thanks to the split wing design. Simple movements pull you up and down so you can dodge reefs and come up for air when needed.

But it’s not cheap. The fiberglass model is US$700, while the stronger carbon fiber glossy model is US$895 and the matte version is US$850. Now you just need to get a Spare Air so you won’t need to come up to breath.

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