Stylophone Remixxr kicking the jams this autumn

Rolf Harris meets Audio Bullys in the latest evolution of the Stylophone, the Remixxr

The Stylophone has always championed the making of silly noises by prodding a stylus against some crude metal sensors. Then, with Beatbox, it added drum sounds and a bass synth to the metallic groove. Now it’s gone all out with the Remixxr – a gridded beast laden with numbered samples for you to mix and match with a casual prod of your metal-tipped wand.

Combining classic styling with up-to-the-mid-last-century tech, re:creation's Stylophone Remixxr is a simplified take on the likes of Korg’s Kaossilator, with just four columns of samples that you can hash together as you see fit. You can switch between style palettes (drum ‘n’ bass, hip-hop, electro-pop or techno) and crank the tempo about while you create your masterpiece.

The Stylophone Remixxr will be rocking its beats from autumn for less than £25. We’ll be back with a reminder nearer the time.