News's weekend gadget deals – money-saving websites

With any luck we'll be seeing a new iPhone delivered into the world on Monday, packing any number of the rumoured specs, and no doubt a pretty impress

So at we thought we'd use this week's Weekend Gadget Deals to pick out some money saving websites that will help you save some pennies – and even make some too.

1. Envirofone

If you are considering upgrading to the new iPhone, sending your old phone off for recycling with a website like Envirofone will see you doing your bit for the environment, and making some cash in the process. Double feel good factor. Even better, if you dig out all those old phones you've got knocking about, you could probably make a pretty penny – even some seriously old handsets are worth a fiver, and we're not ones to sniff at free money.

Launched in September last year, Music Magpie lets you log on and trade in your old CDs, DVDs and games for cash, without the hassle of having to sell them individually on auction sites. It's a free service, and MM just announced it has forked out over £1 million since its launch, which isn't too shabby. If you've got shelves of stuff you don't listen to, watch or play any more, it might be worth logging on and getting your share of the next million...

Something many of the Stuff team have learned in recent times – before you buy anything anywhere online, check Quidco first. It's basically a web cashback scheme that works off the back of commission. The company's pay Quidco for getting you to their site (and completing a purchase of course), and Quidco gives 100% of that cash straight back to you. The catch? You simply have to pay the first £5 you earn that year to Quidco for the privilege.

There are over 1200 major online merchants signed up to the service, and offer everything from percentages of your spend back, to a bulk cash amount – Sky offer up to £130 for signing up. The best bit about Quidco is if you were going to buy something anyway, you can save some serious dough – and although it can take a few months to come through, it's certainly worth the wait.

When you're looking for a phone, the number of handsets and deals out there can be quite frankly mind boggling. Handset cost? Inclusive allowance? How long?! You could spend hours trawling the net looking for the right deal for you.

Luckily Omio, a dedicated phone contract comparison site, is there to take the hassle out of it, making sure you're not forking out more than you need to, and getting you just the right allowance for your needs.

You can filter things by how important they are to you, and see the deals that match up to what your looking for. Very handy, and the website's a sinch to use too.

There is nothing better than getting stuff for free, and this new website aims to help you do just that. You can log on to sign up for freebies, print off discount vouchers and keep an eye out for special offers. As well as saving money, there are also a few tips on making money, including paid for surveys and cash back deals. There's still a few sections being worked on but well worth checking out and bookmarking for the future.