News's ultimate new iPod alternatives

The iPod Touch has been lauding it up at the top of the pile now for 18 months. With weighty storage, multitouch iPhone–style and access to Appl

Until now. CES saw the launch of a line of touchscreen lookers that will send Apple back to the drawing board and have you reaching for the cash hidden under your mattress. Here's our pick of the best touchscreen iPod alternatives.

Samsung P3

Samsung's rep in the world of PMPs is mixed. But the P3 is most definitely a winner. Offering haptics rather than multitouch, it looks slicker than any of Sammy's aging efforts, with the same customisable UI you find in the Samsung Tocco. It's sturdier than the iPod too, with a metal finish that should withstand a few nasty knocks. It's due to hit the UK before the summer and we reckon it's worth holding out for.

Undoubtedly the choice for leftfield media junkies, the iRiver P7 takes a unique approach to bringing together your tunes, videos and pics. Like Samsung, iRiver has taken customisation as its watch word, bringing together your favourite album covers, snaps and clips on the front page. It's hefty, but will set you apart from every single punter on the daily commute. Watch our hands–on video now!

Sony's touchscreen Walkman was big news in Vegas this month, and rightly so. In built noise cancelling, Sony's famous sound quality and that OLED screen put it ahead of the Touch before you've even considered the 32GB storage and direct video recording from Bravia TVs. See it in the flesh in our hands–on video.

Not strictly the latest kid on the block, but the Archos 5G still has the edge thanks to its HSDPA heartbeat. You can use 3G rather than Wi–Fi to get online, plus it supports Flash, so it'll do the web in more complete fashion than the Touch. It's definitely the best Archos to ever come out and a worthy iPod–baiter. Check out our hands–on video now.

Ok, it's a phone, but stay with us. The Tube is very much a music player with a phone on the side, offering a basic UI, easy controls and 16GB of storage. Plus a bit of mobile action on the side. It's cheaper than getting a Touch and will eventually have a "Comes With Music" version, letting you grab as many tracks as you can for a year. It's out on 23 January. See it in action now!