News's ultimate Champions League gadgets

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, £39.99, www.pesgaming.comWho wants to listen to Andy Townsend or Andy Gray talk about the first half when you can squ

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, £39.99,

Who wants to listen to Andy Townsend or Andy Gray talk about the first half when you can squeeze a game of PES in instead. The ultimate football game has just been updated to include January's transfers and is the CL's official title, so it'd be rude not to have a game before the action gets underway.

There's no point in having a 1080p TV without hi–def on tap. ITV HD is only available on Freesat, so bag Sky+HD and you can watch multiple games via the red button, plus get all the highlights in HD. An even bigger plus? Not listening to Clive Tyldesley ramble on ITV about 'that famous night in Istanbul.'

If you can't get in front of a telly, text CHAMPION to 83339 and you'll get a link to ITV's mobile site, letting you watch games live (on Tuesdays), as well as highlights and the pick of the goals. Make sure you're packing a decent full screen blower to see Jose Mourinho's Inter laud it over Manchester United.

Tinnies and bottles are great, but grab this dispenser and a 5L keg and you can have draft beer in your flat in no time. Just make sure there's more than two of you round to watch the game, otherwise you'll be floored if the game goes to extra time and penalties.

Our number one 32in LCD, this 1080p number is the best in its class. Its crisp, clear pictures will offer up Wayne Rooney in full HD, making him look even more terrifying. That, plus it'll be even better than soaking up the atmosphere at any of the actual games, especially if you're watching Arsenal.