News’s Top 40 Twitter Tools

While Twitter itself is deceptively simple, there are literally thousands of amazing tools and add-ons to make your Tweets more terrific. So here are

While Twitter itself is deceptively simple, there are literally thousands of amazing tools and add-ons to make your Tweets more terrific. So here are’s hand-picked Top 40 Twitter tools…


Tweetfox – This Firefox extension creates an always-on Twitter feed that nestles at the bottom of your browser

Tweetdeck – An Adobe Air-based app that lets you organise your Tweets into bite-sized topic or group-specific areas

Twittersearch –Does exactly what is says on the tin and also informs you of rising Twitter trends (Safari 4 and Amsterdam the top trends today)

Mr Tweet – Helps expand your Twitter network by recommending folks you should follow and recommending you to other people.

Digsby – A tool that amalgamates all your social networking updates, IM messages and email notifications in one handy browser pop-up

Twhirl – Another Air-based desktop client that allows you to update to Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace simultaneously, as well as some other neat Twitter management features

Twits Like Me – Find people on Twitter who share your profile interests

TwitterCal – Post events from your Google calendar straight to your Twitter accounts

Twitpic – Add and share images easily and see a real-time world map of new Twitpics

Twiddeo – Like Twitpic, but with video

Power Twitter – A Firefox add-on, that allows you to see Flickr and YouTube files as embeds rather than links

Twittergram – Automatically adds any new Flickrstreams to your Twitter feed

Tweetr – Share files such as MP3s and docs of up to 10MB via Twitter

Wiiizzz – Lists MP3s that have been shared on Twitter

Twitscoop – Displays the most popular terms on Twitter as a tag cloud

Twitt(url)y – Digg-style service that tracks the most popular urls hitting Twitter


Tweetmeme – Follow the most popular topics on Twitter and who is posting on them

Twinfluence – Rates your Twitter feed’s influence and shows those with the most reach

Qwitter – Automatically informs you if someone unsubscribes to your Twitter feed

TweetVolume – Checks and compares how many times chosen words appears on Twitter and displays them in a nice bar chart

Twuffer – Twitter buffer. It allows Twitter users to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release

Twittercounter – Shows how many people are following you on Twitter and displays them in a lovely graph. Allows you to add a Twittercounter to your blog

Twitterfon – Simple, clean, effective Twitter client for the iPhone

TwitterBerry – Unsurprisingly, a Twitter client for Blackberry users

ceTwit – Twitter client for Windows Mobile

Twidroid – A nice new Twitter app for Android mobiles

GPS Twit – Add your location on Twitter via iPhone and Windows Mobile

Twitter Local – Find out who’s Twittering in your locale

Spotwitfy – Aggregates all Spotify playlists that are appearing on Twitter

TwittEarth – Displays a 3D globe of Twitter postings

Twistori – Fun app that tracks Twitter feeds according to verbs such as “love|” “hate” “feel” and “believe”.

Twitzu - Promote parties and meetups on Twitter

Tweetminister – Follow all UK members of parliament that are avid Twitterers

Post Like a Pirate – Converts your Twitter post to Pirate-ese. Utterly useless, amazingly fun

Twibler – Post your eBay listings to Twitter automatically

ToAnswer – Like a tiny Yahoo! answers, this lets you pose questions to the Twitter massive

Tweetchat – Automatically create a “room” to chat about different topics

Twitpay – Send PayPal payments to other Twitter users. For some reason.

MyTweetSpace – Free themes and buttons to customize your Twitter area


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