News's Top 10 winter sports kit

The snow may be holding us Brits in its icy grip, but if you really want to play around in the powder, before it turns to brown mush, you're going to

Whether you're looking for a new board, a way to record those stunt jumps or just a bag to stash rations in case you end up mountain side longer than planned, we've got it covered.

Our hot picks include an awesome Oregon Scientific Action Cam, Giro Shiv Helmet and some slick looking Oakley goggles to make you look the part and protect your peepers while you're hurtling down the black run.

On top of that you'll find the best boards, skis and even a transreceiver. Obviously, if it keeps chucking it down here in Blighty, the airports will be shut, but you can always just get togged up and go out for a snowball fight instead.

Check out our top 10 winter sports kit now!