News's latest vidcast: rugged phones and planet-loving gadgets

Lock your lookers onto this week's vidcast - we're getting rough and tumble with the latest rugged phones. Our Chuck Norris-esque presenters

Our Chuck Norris-esque presenters Ruth and Tom put the JCB Toughphone and the Samsung Solid through their paces – these are phones designed for builders, sports enthusiasts or those of us for whom the A&E department is like a second home.

So if your last phone ended up in a trillion little pieces, or just drowned in a pint of bitter, this one's for you.

These days we're all trying to be a bit kinder to the planet, so in between recycling and planting trees, check out Ruth's report on Sony's 'Odo' range of concept eco-gadgets. These include nature-loving cameras, video-viewers and headphones. All made from recycled materials and all powered entirely by hand.

Oh, and don't forget to send in your vidcast vote - you could win a Pure Highway DAB radio for your automotive listening pleasure.