News’s hottest WWDC 2009 rumours

With WWDC in close proximity, and Apple remaining characteristically tight-lipped, the online rumourmill has gone into overdrive. Let whet yo

With WWDC in close proximity, and Apple remaining characteristically tight-lipped, the online rumourmill has gone into overdrive. Let whet your Apple appetite with our Top 5 WWDC rumours.

iPhone 4G

The iPhone 4G has been the object of most of the WWDC speculation. Rumour has it the touchscreen favourite will get a hardware refresh this summer. There’s been leaked photos, not to mention T-Mobile Austria’s unwitting slip-up last week indicating a 32GB iPhone is “coming soon”.

And with the recently unveiled 3.0 software, an updated outer shell seems likely. The rumours are helped along by Apple’s 3.0 software registry system, which points to 32GB and 16GB variants, an OLED screen, a long awaited camera upgrade to 3.2 megapixels plus video recording and editing capabilities. As it stands the speculated launch date is 17 June.

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MacBook Air 3G

Word on the web is Apple is to welcome a new Macbook Air into the fold. Credible sources tell us Apple is packing the new super-slim Air with a built-in 3G modem complete with solid-state drive.

Whispers of a range of starting prices suggests there may well be a couple of different screen sizes to choose from too. Rumourmongers are also speculating that larger hard drives and faster processors are on the cards, not just for the Air, but for the entire Macbook family.

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Apple netbook

Rumours of Apple joining the netbook fray [ netbook-will-have-10-inch-screen/11986/] have been doing the rounds on the intertubes for a while now.

We could be looking at a smaller, touchscreen version of a MacBook or it could be a completely new design – the speculation (and perhaps wishful thinking) is endless.

A while back, Taiwanese display maker Wintek confirmed that it was working on touchscreens for new Apple products including a netbook due out this summer. Typically, there’s not much more information about it, except that the mini laptop could sport at 10in screen.

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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard

While the big M was happy to share Windows 7 with whoever wanted it, Apple has kept its Mac OS X Snow Leopard a little closer to its chest. Various rumours predict it’ll be officially introduced at WWDC and pack a more powerful and refined user interface, including 64-bit architecture, QuickTime X, next-gen multicore and GPU processor support.

At WWDC last year, Apple said it would be out “in a year”, so it’s not being ruled out. And maybe, just maybe we’ll be treated to a release date too.

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Mac Tablet

Every time there’s an imminent Apple announcement, whispers of the elusive MAc tablet resurface. Last week, Techcrunch reported it had heard from prototype testers that a 10in Mac Tablet is in the pipeline.

According to a select few “the project is very real” and idoes exist. It’s also been reported its OS will be based on the iPhone's. Steve Jobs may have downplayed the notion of a new ultra-portable device last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

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We’ll be at WWDC reporting on all the news as it happens. So make sure you keep it locked on for all the latest news and video