News's guide to beating the Winter Blues

Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300£140, www.lumie.comRousing your bones out of bed on dark mornings can be a Herculean task. Make the whole experience le

Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300


Rousing your bones out of bed on dark mornings can be a Herculean task. Make the whole experience less painful with a Bodyclock, programmed to simulate sunrise and sundown. Pre-programmed sleep/wake up sound options, meditation soundtracks or your own MP3s will similarly massage your ears awake.

£2.39, iTunes Store

Add a little ambience to your daily commute with this utterly trippy art/music generator created by Brian Eno. Just plug in your headphones, prod your iPhone’s screen at regular intervals and watch your soundscape unfurl at your fingertips. Beats Sudoku.


A winning combination of silly and snug, the Selk bag is a grown-up romper suit fashioned from finest sleeping bag material. Great for indoors, but also turns the whole world into a potential bedroom.


Sony’s robotic, dancing MP3 player will bop to the beat of your uplifting tunes while waving its little side flaps in time. Utterly pointless and undeniably fun, we defy anyone not raise a smile when he’s in action. Just don’t stick on some Radiohead…



Even in summer, the office is a prime environment for depression. Just plug this fella in at your desk and let his energy-giving beams replenish your happy hormones. Just half an hour a day promises a noticeable improvement in your bounciness in just five days.



So what if it’s raining ice and knives outside, you can still add a little twinkle to your day with this light-up umbrella. Phase through different glowing lights on both the inside and out for your own personal Christmas tree effect.



Winter is a time for battening down the hatches and hibernating. Keep up with all your mates without having to leave the sofa with the new INQ Facebook phone. You can also use it for Skype calls and Windows Live Messenger. Status: eating mince pies.