News's 5 best next-gen cameras

1. The cameras that take pictures for youIPT-DS1 with WX1/TX1 The Sony Cybershot WX1 and TX1 cameras are all well and good, but what pushes them into

1. The cameras that take pictures for you

IPT-DS1 with WX1/TX1

The Sony Cybershot WX1 and TX1 cameras are all well and good, but what pushes them into's next-gen camera list is the IPT-DS1 tripod which hooks up with them to take your photos for you.

Simply pop one of the cameras onto it, and it will pan and tilt completely on its own, use face detection to recognise when people are in shot, and then adjust the zoom settings accordingly.

Certainly takes the hassle out of getting those party pictures – but best to keep your eye on it to make sure someone doesn't go walking off with it while its snapping your party shenanigans.

Samsung ST500 and ST550

All those dodgily framed self portraits of you and your mates on nights out will be a thing of the past with Samsung's recently announced dual LCD screen compacts.

They have a 1.5 inch LCD screen on the front as well as a full haptic-enhanced touchscreen on the back. You can make sure everyone's face is in shot, not to mention no one is doing bunny ears behind your head.


Nikon S1000pj

The world's first camera with a built-in projector, the Nikon S1000pj will let you fling your photos and videos on to any flat surface at sizes from 5 to 40 inches.

Rather than getting your mates squeezing around your small camera screen to check out your snaps, you can show them off on your wall with just the press of a button.

What's more, the pico projector crammed into the camera hasn't made too much of an impact on the size, so it's still pocketable for showing off your snaps on the go.

Samsung ST1000

This camera comes packing a whole load of connectivity that cuts out the PC middleman in getting your snaps and videos online.

With built-in Wi-fi connectivity, you can take a photo, hop on to a wireless connection and email it to your mates or upload it to the social network site of your choice.

It's also got Bluetooth integrated so you can beam your photos over to a mobile phone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

And if that wasn't enough, its also DLNA compliant for getting your images onto any DLNA devices, like your HDTV or digital photo frame.

Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1

So it might take a bit of adjusting to, but the Fujifilm Real 3D W1 gets big thumbs up as it frees you from the tyranny of stupid 3D glasses.

The two lenses on the camera allow it to capture images and videos in 3D while its special screen shows them off in all their stereoscopic glory.

Fujifilm is also developing a digital photo frame that'll work with 3D images so you'll be able to enjoy them off your camera screen. There's even special paper that will let you print out your images in 3D as well. We reckon that's about as next-gen as it gets. For now, at least.