News's 5 best Easter DIY gadgets

"I want to paint the spare room"Then you need...Dulux Paintpod£50, those battered brushes and rusting rollers in

"I want to paint the spare room"

Then you need...Dulux Paintpod


Leave those battered brushes and rusting rollers in the shed. If you're planning on spending the long weekend doing up the spare room, the Dulux PaintPod is what you need. Shove in a PaintPod and just get going – you'll get no splattering, so even your posh stripped wood floors will be safe from any rogue drips.



Then you need ...Black and Decker Cordless Alligator GKC1000


Ok, we'll be honest. We love this largely because it looks terrifying. But the Cordless Alligator is so much more than its vicious looks. If you're going to be attempting some amateur tree surgery, it'll take down a small tree in a matter of minutes. Those old shears can stay under lock and key.

"I want a DIY durable mobile"

Then you need...Land Rover S1 rugged phone

There are plenty of rugged phones doing their thing at the moment. But none is as hard as the Land Rover S1. If you're doing a hard day's work in the shed, this bad boy will withstand anything you throw at it, including a hammer. Oh and if you happen to live in a desert, it works up to 60C too!

Then you need...Ryobi One+


You'll be needing some tunes, or a spot of footie to help you while you man up and do the DIY. Obviously your slick Pure DAB won't cut it outside or around litres of paint, so plump for the Ryobi One+. It's a basic mono FM job, but is fully ruggedised so drop it and you'll still be able to hear that tawdry chart pop on Radio 1. Plus you can use the same 18V battery from your drill!

Then you need...Stanley Fatmax Organiser


This weekend is all about strutting about like your practical Dad, even when in practice you're a geek allergic to any form of DIY. And this Fatmax Organiser tool box will help you do just that. Its cool A frame design means you can see all your kit easily, plus its plastic shell is super strong, just in case you drop a hefty spanner on it.

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