STUFF.TV VIDCAST - what's your phone type? Plus hands on with Modu

Ever wondered whether your perfect phone partner was out there just waiting for you? Well, as in many relationships, it all depends on your type. In t

In this week’s vidcast we conduct a highly scientific survey asking a wide cross-section of society which phone rings their bell.

Can the Blackberry 8110 Pearl meet the constant demands of the Messaging Junkie?

Will the Sony Ericsson W890i complement the Music Fanatic’s scenester duds?

The Internationalista type needs all their money to splurge on overpriced souvenirs, can their 3 Skype phone help them conserve their cash?

The Socialite can be found roped off in the VIP area with the Nokia Sapphire Arte, are they the new A list couple?

And finally The Futurist type beams in with the LG KF700 phone. But is it a megaflop?

If that wasn’t enough, we get our hands all over the new Modu – the phone with a whole bunch of personalities.

So head over to the vidcast  to find yourself some phone love.