News vidcast – top tech for 2009 straight outta IFA

2008 has already begun its inexorable slide into cold weather, driving rain and tiresome Christmas planning. So, let us take you on a trip to the futu

Yep, last week, we went all the way to 2009 (well the IFA gadget show in Berlin), to bring you the hottest tech that’ll be rocking your world next year.

Gawp at LG’s X110 netbook, Samsung’s super–skinny X360 laptop, new Sony Walkmans and the thinnest LCD TV ever. Just head over to the vidcast and sate your tech–based appetite.

And once you’re done getting all het up about next year, make sure you go and vote for your favourite stuff from the past year in the Stuff Gadget Awards. Boost on over to the official site now and get voting.