News vidcast – Sony Go!View plus a licence to thrill

Ever thought your PSP could work harder to please you? We reckon it could. Sure God Of War: Chains of Olympus has us embroiled in mythical bust-ups on

On this week's vidcast, Ruth's been down to Sony HQ to have a play around with Go! View – the long-awaited hook-up between Sky and the Big S. Take a look for yourself over on the watch+listen page. We think it's pretty snazzy.

While Ruth was happily watching TV on the go, Stuff's answer to Daniel Craig, Tom Wiggins, has been getting the blood pumping down at stunt school. Working with none other than the stunt team from upcoming Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, Tom put on his best Sean Connery accent and took some lessons in the art of stunt fighting. Will he make a masterpiece or end up on the cutting room floor (literally). Head over to our watch+listen page to find out.