News vidcast – Olympics special

Forget Michael Phelps noshing 12,000 calories and winning every gold in sight – for us mere mortals, the Olympics is time to kick back and indul

Which is why this week we’re bringing you our alternative Olympics vidcast. Ruth and Jools head off to try out Summer Athletics for the Wii, as well as indulging in some truly bizarre track and field delights. Xbox shot putt anyone?

And then we bring you the ultimate guide to being an armchair Olympian. Forget hardcore training – all you need is this set of winning gadgets and you’ll be made until everything wraps up in Beijing next week.

Once you’ve indulged your viewing pleasure with the vidcast, don’t forget to vote in the Stuff Gadget Awards. You can choose your favourite in six categories and be in with a chance of winning an iPhone 3G and a seat at the ceremony itself.