The great outdoors is an awesome place to sate your appetite for swanky new gadgets, be it top end GPSs, killer new bikes or a pricey solar charger. B

Well, that's where the Vango Storm Shelter comes in. A must–have addition to any ramblers back pack, it's essentially the bastard child of a big waterproof bag and a one man tent. Whip it out when the weather gets too much, crawl in and keep dry while you ride out the storm.

As well as acting as a quick way to stay safe and dry, it even has waterproof seats so your bum doesn't get soaked, a mesh event so you're not left breathing sticky, stale air and reflective strips so would be saviours can see you on the mountain side.

Prices kick off at £35. A fair price to pay for staying safe and warm we reckon.


Vango Storm Shelter

Price: From £35

On sale: Now

Contact: Vango