STUFF.TV STOCKING FILLERS – O2 energy efficient universal charger

Chargers aren't normally something we'd advise sticking in someone's Christmas stocking. Handy as they are, who wants something that juices gadgets ra

That said, we're making an exception for this energy efficient mobile charger by O2. It'll fire up any mobile, no matter the flavour and cuts out up to 70 per cent of the energy compared to the regular one that's boosting up your blower right now.

This is all down to a power control system, which means the charger will cut out once the battery is full, something normal versions just don't do. That means no energy wasting away through heat loss either, meaning you don't need to worry about everything burning up if you do leave it plugged in.

You'll be able to buy separate leads for whatever phones you have, with everyone including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola involved.

It's available now for £14.99, but if you're feeling the pinch, grab it now for an introductory offer of £7.49.


O2 energy efficient universal charger

Price: £14.99

On sale: Now

Contact: O2