STUFF.TV CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE – Where to find Wii Fit stock

Since we first stepped onto its plastic frame and pretended to hurtle down a ski slope, we've been unashamedly obsessed with Wii Fit. And, it seems, s

Buy it in a bundle

Bundles offer your best chance of getting hold of Wii Fit and a balance board. Dixons has three different bundles offering the console itself and a balance board, starting at £275. Alternatively, Comet's bundles start from a wallet–friendly £140. Head over to wii– to get more.


Try your local supermarket

Gone are the days when Tesco was only good for sprouts and below par crackers at Christmas. Stock sells out fast, but it's well worth heading down to your local supermarket and finding out when stock comes in. Then you can camp out safe in the knowledge you'll have Wii Fit come 25 December.

Buy secondhand

Ok, it might not be clean and box fresh, but as long as it works, who really cares. Both Ebay and Amazon Marketplace have offers well below the somewhat hefty £99 RRP. While stock seems plentiful, don't forget to get in there early. Bargains do get snapped up.

Go foreign and import one

Even though the pound is getting mauled, it's well worth trying foreign websites to see if you can import one. Even looking at Amazon's European variants can throw up some pleasant surprises, with offering the game and balance board for €88. That's £75 –  a big saving on the UK price.

Enter a competition

If things seem desperate, or you just want to save some cash, enter a competition. You can win a balance board and Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip! over in our Win section right now. Then all you need is the Wii Fit disc. Easy.